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Celebrate Earth Day By Testing Your Environmental I.Q.

Chemistry is important to the past, present, and future of the modern environmental movement. Many of today’s thorniest environmental problems have their roots in the work of earlier generations of chemists. But if chemistry has sometimes been part of creating ecological problems, it is absolutely essential to humanity’s efforts to solve them. That’s why the American Chemical Society supports programs such as Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, which creates connections between the chemistry community, environmental activists, and the general public.

Take our quiz to uncover your Environmental I.Q. and learn how chemists can get involved with Earth Day.

Test Your Eco I.Q. With the ACS!
Test Your Eco I.Q.
Happy Earth Day 2017! Test your knowledge of recent advancements in environmental science, sustainable chemistry, agricultural and food chemistry, chemistry education, and more with this quiz from ACS Publications.
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