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Compound Interest: Making Chemistry Fun

Ever wondered whether antiaging creams work or why lithium batteries catch fire? U.K.-based chemistry teacher Andy Brunning created a site to answer these and other fascinating questions in a fun and alluring way—through pictures. What started as a project to beautify his classroom and engage his students with the chemistry of life has translated into thousands of Twitter followers, a book, and a regular feature in C&EN. Andy is an expert in finding ways to communicate science concepts to novices, and he allows people to share his graphics (as long as they comply with certain rules)…that means teachers can print them to use in the classroom and fans can share them on social media.

For expert scientists trying to find a concise way to communicate their research findings, Andy also does commissioned work through Chemunicate. Whether it’s creating an attractive summary for a press release, a conference poster, a graphical abstract for a paper, or simply a new way to teach novice scientists a concept, Andy can design something to meet your needs.

Check out Andy’s monthly Periodic Graphics in C&EN, visit the Compound Interest site, or follow @compoundchem on Twitter to find out more about the chemistry of everything around you.

Image courtesy of Compound Interest. Click to enlarge.

© C&EN 2017 Created by Andy Brunning for Chemical & Engineering News. Click to Enlarge.

Image courtesy of Compound Interest. Click to enlarge.

Image courtesy of Compound Interest. Click to enlarge.

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