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Time Flies and So Do Advances in Energy Research with ACS Energy Letters

ACS Energy Letters is celebrating the first anniversary of its inaugural issue and its editors are proud to have established it as the fastest communications journal in energy research.

In its first 12 issues, the journal has published more than 400 Letters, Reviews, Perspectives, Viewpoints, and Energy Focus articles – and has done so with impressive speed. The average processing time for ACS Energy Letters –from submission to publication with pagination – for Letters manuscripts is just 37 days.

“The journey during the first year has been a rewarding experience,” says Editor-in-Chief Prashant Kamat. “Our success during the first year is due to the high scientific quality papers we received from leading research groups around the world. On behalf of all our editors I would like to thank our authors and reviewers for their enthusiastic support in establishing ACS Energy Letters as one of the premier journals in energy research.”

Energy Express – A New Manuscript Type for Communicating Results Faster

To further its mission of providing the energy research community with top-quality breakthrough science as quickly as possible, ACS Energy Letters is launching a new manuscript type called Energy Express. This new feature will allow authors to publish breakthrough preliminary findings with great speed.

Papers considered for Energy Express are those that represent major breakthroughs, urgency, and broad interest. Energy Express articles are short communications (1-2 pages), consisting of one scheme or illustration as TOC, two graphics with one set of results/analysis. Having first established their initial results in an ACS Energy Letters, this new feature will allow authors to continue their ongoing investigation and publish the detailed findings in a follow-up article.

The journal’s latest issue – Volume 2, Issue 7 – contains two Energy Express articles:

Open Access

Each day ACS Publications makes one article open access through ACS Editors’ Choice and the community of ACS journal editors from around the world. In its first 12 issues, ACS Energy Letters has had 10 ACS Editors’ Choice articles:

The journal has also published 44 open access articles through ACS AuthorChoice, which allows authors to pay a fee to make their accepted articles open access immediately or after 12 months. The generous ACS Author Rewards credits offered by ACS Publications, which expire at the end of 2017, were helpful in making these articles open access, says Kamat. He encourages all ACS Energy Letters authors to consider making their articles open access if they can.

“Authors get more exposure for their research by making their published work open access,” Kamat says. “A majority of the Most-Read articles in ACS Energy Letters are open access.”

Virtual Issues and Videos

Another way ACS Energy Letters authors can increase exposure to their research is by explaining their published Perspectives and Reviews in a video. In the journal’s Perspective and Review Videos authors break down their articles to help the community better understand the topic and its significance.

Since publishing its inaugural issue, ACS Energy Letters has also published two virtual issues in partnership with other ACS Publications journals:

Help Accelerate Energy Research with ACS Energy Letters

“ACS Energy Letters is committed to publishing both Letters and Energy Express articles with great speed,” says Kamat. “Whereas the letters offer a platform to discuss in-depth studies, the newly introduced Energy Express articles help to establish precedence for newly found phenomenon with an even greater speed of publication. Authors who would like to quickly disseminate their newly discovered energy research finding to the broader scientific community will find the speedy publication feature of Energy Express extremely useful.”

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