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Attend ACS’ First-Ever Journey to Mars Symposium

The 254th ACS National Meeting & Exposition will be the proud home of the first-ever “Journey to Mars Symposium,” August 22-23, 2017 at the Marriott Marquis in Washington D.C. The symposium will bring together industry, academic, and government figures, together with the public to focus on cutting-edge technological developments in chemical sciences to advance human space travel to Mars. The event will also look at translating these discoveries into radical new practical knowledge for the benefit of Earth and its people.

Day one of the event is focused on “Technology, Industry, and Jobs,” while day two will look at “Advanced Research & Development.” The impressive roster of speakers includes J. Craig Venter, the co-founder of Human Longevity, Inc. and founder of Celera Genomics, Janet L. Kavandi, firector of NASA’s John H. Glenn Research Center and Harry B. Gray, the Arnold O. Beckman Professor of Chemistry at Caltech and founding director of the Beckman Institute.

The event is sponsored by the Polymer Chemistry Division of ACS (POLY), along with the Chemical Marketing & Economics (CME) group of American Chemical Society’s New York Section, NASA, 2016 ACS President Donna Nelson, 2017 ACS President Allison Campbell, 2018 ACS President Peter Dorhout, and 18 technical divisions of ACS. The organizers are Michael Meador of NASA, and CME’s George Rodriguez and Charles Brumlik.

A limited number of ACS Earth & Space Chemistry T-shirts, and a limited number of free reception tickets will be available at the lectures for the CME Reception.

For more information on the lectures and reception, please see the Preliminary Program.

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