Alternative Chemistry Careers: By the Numbers -- Infographic

Alternative Chemistry Careers: By the Numbers

When you think of a successful chemist, you might think of a professor conducting research at a university. But there are so many other opportunities available to pursue alternative chemistry careers! Chemists are doing important work by perusing in industry, government, education, and more. Check out this infographic on some of the other ways your fellow ACS members are making contributions to chemistry in a variety of fields, based on 2013 employment data referenced in the ACS Symposium Series chapter “Career Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Chemistry Enterprise.”

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For further insights into alternative chemistry careers, check out the full ACS Symposium Series eBook “Careers, Entrepreneurship, and Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Chemistry Enterprise“.

The ACS Symposium Series of eBooks are backed by substantial original research, and each chapter is written by individual authors that are experts in the subtopic. Each book comes together to fully illuminate a topic in a format that is more rich than a journal article can provide. Most chapters are as in-depth as a single journal article, with each including its own empirical data and often upward of 80 references. ACS eBooks originate from the ACS technical divisions’ symposia, which are presented at ACS national meetings

Researchers turn to ACS eBooks to find original research that provides a deeper look into topics as diverse as quantum mechanics, pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry, food chemistry, hydraulic fracturing, nanotechnology, women in science, and even public policy and industry leadership. They can be an excellent source for educators interested in pedagogy and even librarians and information professionals interested in scientific data curation. In addition to a deeper look into a particular subject, eBooks can offer guidance to students and new graduates in chemistry. There are also eBooks that discuss diversity, work–life balance, entrepreneurship, and modernization of the workforce with respect to growing globalization.

Learn more about ACS Symposium Series eBooks.

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