ACS Celebrates National Nanotechnology Day With Exclusive Resources

ACS Celebrates National Nanotechnology Day

Lovers of big innovations in small packages, rejoice! It’s time for the 2nd annual National Nanotechnology Day, and ACS is here to help you celebrate it right.

What is National Nanotechnology Day?

The day is a joint project of the United States National Nanotechnology Initiative, scientific societies such as ACS, and other organizations. The day will promote awareness of nanotechnology, the way it already enriches our daily lives, and what the field holds for our future.

Why is National Nanotechnology Day held on Oct. 9th?

Because a nanometer is 10-9 meters, and October 9th is written as 10/9 in U.S. notation.

What is ACS doing to celebrate National Nanotechnology Day?

ACS is supporting National Nanotechnology Day with a wide variety of ways for our community to get involved.

Check out all of these great National Nanotechnology Day resources:

  • A special live ACS Webinar broadcast, “Nano 2.0: Multi-scale Nanomaterials” is scheduled for 2 PM ET on Oct. 9 with Dr. Teri Odom from Northwestern University and Dr. Laura Fernandez, Managing Editor of ACS Nano and Nano Letters.
  • ACS Publications is producting a special Virtual Issue devoted to nano across a variety of ACS journals.
  •  A “What Nanomolecule Are You?” quiz on Buzzfeed.
  • C&EN is offering a special, nano-themed Chemistry in Pictures contest.
  • A Reddit AMA series on 10/10 will allow users to ask  Dr. Warren Chan anything about his nanotechnology research.
  • ACS social media accounts will be joining in the conversation around nanoscience using the hashtag: #NationalNanoDay.
  • The Molecule of the Week is nanotechnology themed.

ACS’ celebration is just a small part of National Nanotechnology Day. Check out the official list of activities in your area and find more ways to get involved.

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