Celebrate National Chemistry Week 2017 with Resources from ACS

Celebrate National Chemistry Week 2017 with Resources from ACS

For 30 years, ACS has been championing National Chemistry Week as a celebration of chemistry’s impact on the world around us. This annual event is an opportunity for both ACS members and non-members to come together and share stories of the transformative power of chemistry. National Chemistry Week 2017 is a chance for chemists to engage the public, including primary and secondary school students, around all the ways chemistry affects their lives.

Each year National Chemistry Week is centered around Mole Day, October 23rd, which is written as 10/23 in American notation, as a nod to Avogadro’s number, 6.022×1023. Each year the week comes with a unique theme that shapes the resources and events produced for the celebration.

ACS is providing the following resources to help you celebrate National Chemistry Week 2017:


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