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ACS Editors Lead Molecular Synthesis Symposium in Shanghai

Last month ACS Publications hosted ACS Publications Symposium: Innovation in Molecular Synthesis in Shanghai, China. ACS partnered with the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC), Chinese Academy of Sciences to host the symposium. The three-day event brought together top researchers around the globe to communicate cutting-edge chemistry in the areas of synthetic methodology for efficient and selective reactions, interfacing chemical synthesis and biology, advanced energy materials, and more.

More than 200 students and researchers from 11 countries were in attendance. Students were able to present their research during poster sessions and network with speakers and ACS editors throughout the event.  During the event, 19 speakers from six countries presented their findings across five plenary sessions.

Editors-in-Chief from both The Journal of Organic Chemistry and Organic Letters attended the event, presented research, and served as plenary session chairs. “The symposium provided a superb opportunity to learn about many cool projects across a tremendous range of topics in the field of organic chemistry,” says Scott J. Miller, Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Organic Chemistry. “The opportunities for international exchange were also excellent, and I expect the beginnings of many longer-term interactions were experienced by many, maybe even everyone at the conference.”

Professor Kuiling Ding, Director of SIOC and member of the organizing committee, described the Symposium as “A truly successful event.” “Although chemistry meets a lot of challenges for sustainable development of our society, I believe we have more opportunities than challenges. Molecular synthesis is obviously one of the fundamental, central, and cutting-edge areas in the 21st century,” said Professor Ding.

2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Sir J. Fraser Stoddart attended the event and presented a keynote address titled “The Design and Synthesis of Artificial Molecular Machines.” “The hallmark of an ACS Publications Symposium was innovation, innovation, innovation in both natural and unnatural product synthesis, whether it was up for display on the projector screen or portrayed on a poster board,”  he said. “Amos Smith, one of a team of highly professional organizers, spoke for all of us when he posed the question, ‘How do I choose a structure?’ With his answer, ‘I look for architecturally intriguing features,’ he captured the motivation and spirit of most of us in attendance from all around the world.”

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