A New Author Experience with ACS Direct Correct

A New Author Experience with ACS Direct Correct

As a service to our global community of authors, we are pleased to introduce ACS Direct Correct, an innovative proof review tool devised to enhance the publishing process. ACS Direct Correct enables you to enter proof corrections and comments directly into your copy-edited manuscript. This provides another way to communicate edits before publication of your research article.

ACS Direct Correct gives you more control over the corrections process. You’ll benefit from the straightforward interface that displays edited manuscripts in an easy-to-read file format, including editing tools and visible change tracking. The tool also makes responding to queries easier and helps to avoid common oversights such as verifying funder information, reviewing supporting information, and confirming the spelling of author names, which will speed up the publication process.

Check out this brief demo of ACS Direct Correct:

“We continuously improve and modernize the process for our authors around the world,” says Robert O’Dell, Vice President, Global Production Operations at ACS Publications. “ACS Direct Correct will allow our authors to focus their corrections and adjustments more on the content of the article and less on the layout of the PDF rendition.”

Other features of ACS Direct Correct include:

  • Easy tools to navigate the manuscript
  • Insert comments to journal production staff
  • Upload attachments such as new graphics or SI files

This tool is currently available to authors, and we encourage feedback that can help us enhance ACS Direct Correct! Please email us to let us know about your experience at acsproof@acs.org.

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