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Read the Special Issue on Precision Medicine in Brain Cancer

ACS Chemical Neuroscience, a leading journal on chemical neurobiology and bio-neurochemistry, published a special issue entitled “Precision Medicine in Brain Cancer.” The issue showcases novel analytical and imaging strategies that may promote future precision medicine for brain cancer.

Malignant tumors of brain cells result in specific molecular abnormalities that are deadly in both adults and children. Adults diagnosed with glioblastoma have a 5% chance to survive five years, while only 20% of children diagnosed with high-grade glioma survive five years.

This special issue looks at patient outlook through precision medicine.  This is an approach that focuses on the delivery of the right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time and dose, without detrimental side effects. Through analyses of individual differences in tumor biology, this special issue is focused on contributing to the global precision medicine for brain cancer effort.

Read the Full Special Issue Now

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