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What’s Happening at the Leading Process Chemistry Conference from Scientific Update?

The 39th International Scientific Update Organic Process Research & Development Conference, sharing a name with ACS Publication’s very-own OPR&D, is taking place March 5th-7th in Clearwater, Florida.

It is increasingly vital for chemical and pharmaceutical companies to be able to convert chemical reactions into manufacturing processes to run up to and beyond tonnage scale. This conference will provide attendees with tools to stay up-to-date in this dynamic field and will provide the opportunity to hear from leaders in this field, including frequent authors featured in OPR&D.

Read A Selection of the Program for the 39th International Scientific Update Organic Process Research & Development Conference:

Monday March 5th 2018

Morning Session Chairman: Dr. Will Watson | Scientific Update Ltd

12.00pm: Dr. André de Vries | InnoSyn B.V., The Netherlands

On the Freeway to Chirality (and Leaving the Resolutions Behind)


2.00pm: Dr. Andrei Zlota | The Zlota Company, LLC, USA

Quality by Design (QbD): A Progress Report from the Field

2:45pm: Dr. Richard Fox | Bristol Myers Squibb, USA

Highlights in the Development of a Commercial Synthesis for a Late-Stage Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)


4:45pm: Dr. Xiao-Jun Wang | Boehringer Ingelheim Inc., USA

Development on a Commercial Synthesis of Empagliflozin

Tuesday March 6th 2018


8:30am: Dr. Hansjorg Lehmann | Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland

Scale-up of Hazardous Reactions: Is Flow Chemistry Inherently Safer than Batch?


9:15am: Dr. Paul Richardson | Pfizer, USA

An Automated Platform for Expedited Reaction Optimization


10:00am: Dr. Dave Leitch | GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA

A Combined High-Throughput and Mechanistic Approach to the Development of Catalytic Reactions for API Synthesis


11:15am: Dr. Zhe Wang | Abbvie, USA

Safety Concerns Associated with Acetonitrile and a Strong Aqueous Base


12:00pm: Dr. Tomas Smejkal | Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Switzerland

Transition Metal Catalysis for the Synthesis of Agrochemicals

Wednesday March 7th 2018


8:30am: Dr. Qiang Yang | Dow AgroSciences LLC, USA

Evaluation of Potential Reactive Chemistry Hazards Associated with the Suzuki-Miyaura Cross Coupling of Aryl Bromides with Potassium Vinyltriflouroborate

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9:15am: Professor C. Oliver Kappe | University of Graz, Austria

On-Site On-Demand Continuous Generation of Reagents and Intermediates


10:45am: Dr. Michael Parmentier | Novartis, Switzerland

Building a Toolbox for Chemistry using Surfactant in Water


11:30am: Dr. Andy Teasdale | AstraZeneca, UK

A day in the life of an Impurities Advisor – Reflection on Challenges and Solutions to Problems Encountered and Lessons Learnt

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