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Women in Drug Discovery and Development Share the Secrets of their Success

Last year, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters asked a pressing question about the field: “Where are all the women?” That editorial started a conversation that led to more questions, including: What does it take to create a rewarding and successful career within academia or the pharmaceutical industry as a female? To answer that, ACS Webinars has asked a panel of successful women in the field to share their stories. Their insights reveal a great deal about their sector, as well as skills necessary to flourish in it. Now you can hear what they have to say with a free recording of the webinar “Women in Drug Discovery and Development: How to Succeed as a Female in Academia and Industry.” The webinar complements a feature piece, “Why can’t the drug industry solve its gender diversity problem?” in C&EN.

The webinar features Nurulain Zaveri of Astraea Therapeutics, Donna M. Huryn of the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Pharmacy of Erika Vieira Araujo of Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Annette Bak of Astra Zeneca. They share their insider insights and real-life experiences as successful females in drug discovery and development. Each member describes a typical day in their life and explains the responsibilities that come with their role, as well as the technical and soft skills they use each day.

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