Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data Special Issue Honors Cor J. Peters

The Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data is pleased to honor Professor Cor J. Peters upon his retirement. In its latest Special Issue, the journal highlights his achievements in the field of applied thermodynamics and phase equilibria.

Many collaborators, colleagues, and former students have published contributions that reflect his research interests: high-pressure phase behavior, mainly using experiments and statistical thermodynamics, focusing on double retrograde phenomena, supercritical fluids, gas hydrates, hydrogen storage, carbon capture and sequestration, asphaltenes, ionic liquids, and deep eutectic solvents.

The journal dedicated this Special Issue to the life and work of Professor Cor J. Peters. His upcoming retirement in May 2018 is the perfect opportunity to highlight his numerous achievements within the field of applied thermodynamics and phase equilibria as a guide and inspiration to those researchers who will follow in his footsteps.

Read the Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data Special Issue honoring Professor Cor J. Peters.

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