Get Expert Predictions for the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

If you can’t wait to learn who the winner (or winners!) of this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry will be, you’re not alone. While the awardees won’t be announced until the morning of Oct. 3, Chemical & Engineering News has assembled an illustrious panel of experts to deliver their chemistry Nobel Prize predictions. Want to take part in the discussion?

Join C&EN on Sept. 27 at 2 p.m. ET, for “Who Will Win the #ChemNobel? Predicting the 2018 Nobel Laureate(s) in Chemistry.” During this free interactive broadcast, you’ll listen to a lively discussion about the 2018 prize, answer poll questions about Nobel miscellany, and cast a virtual vote for your own Nobel Prize picks.

Register now and log in on Sept. 27 to hear chemistry Nobel Prize predictions from:

  • Neil Garg, Kenneth N. Trueblood Endowed Chair in Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA, and an award-winning chemistry educator.
  • Nicole Gaudelli, Program leader at Cambridge, Mass. gene editing startup Beam Therapeutics, and a member of C&EN’s 2018 Talented 12.
  • Joseph Moran, Professor of chemistry at the University of Strasbourg, France, and a member of C&EN’s 2018 Talented 12.
  • Carmen Drahl, Senior correspondent at C&EN
  • Lauren K. Wolf, Executive editor for science at C&EN

In addition to talking about this year’s prize, the panel will also delve into the Nobel Committee that decides who merits a call from Stockholm. By joining this free event, you’ll also be able to ask your own questions of the panel during what’s sure to be an engaging debate around 2018 chemistry Nobel Prize predictions.

Register for the broadcast today!

Can’t wait? Get ready by reading about 13 female scientists who should have won the Nobel. You can also browse 50 years of nominations for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry or take a look at a map that tracks pivotal moments in the lives of laureates.

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