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Celebrate National Nanotechnology Day with ACS Publications

October 9, 2018, marks the 3rd Annual National Nanotechnology Day, and each year ACS Publications joins the worldwide scientific community to celebrate the prominent role nanoscience plays in our daily lives. This year, we will be hosting an informative webinar centered around our theme “Nano in Motion,” which seeks to highlight the dynamic, interdisciplinary, and fast-paced nature of the field.

The webinar Too Small to Stay Put — Pushing Boundaries with Nanoscience will feature engaging talks by world-renowned experts describing some of the latest developments in self-assembled nanostructures, the design of nanomaterials for biological applications, and polymeric biomaterials. Speakers will also be discussing the current state of the ever-expanding field of nanoscience and nanotechnology and give insight into the challenges that lie ahead.

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10:05 – 10:40 — Paula Hammond,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Associate Editor, ACS Nano
Electrostatic Nanolayers as Modular Sequenced Multi-drug Carriers
10:40 – 11:15 — Yanli Zhao, Nanyang Technological University
Associate Editor, ACS Applied Nano Materials
Integrated Organic Nanosystems for Targeted Bioimaging and Therapy
11:15 – 11:40 — Luis Liz-Marzan, CIC biomaGUNE
Co-Editor, ACS Omega
Self-Assembled Nanostructures
11:40 – 11:55 — Q&A
11:55 – 12:00 — Wrap Up & Thank You

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