Open Access Chemistry Research: Where to Find It and How to Publish It

How to Read and Publish Open Access Chemistry Research

Whether you’re a first-time author looking to publish your first research paper, a seasoned chemist looking to attract a wider readership, or an up-and-coming researcher trying to satisfy funding requirements, you need Open Access publishing options. At the same time, being able to find free-to-read chemistry research makes it easier to keep up with the field. This Open Access starter kit gives you the tools to publish your chemistry research Open Access in a high-impact journal. You’ll also learn how to find free-to-read chemistry research that’s relevant to you!

How to Publish Open Access Chemistry Research with ACS

Maybe you need to publish your research Open Access to satisfy a funding requirement. Maybe you just want to make sure you reach a wide audience with your chemistry research. But either way, you don’t want to sacrifice having a high Impact Factor. Did you know that 100% of ACS journals can publish your work Open Access, and can meet even the strictest CC-BY license funding requirements?

No matter what journal you’re interested in, you’ll have the option to select an ACS AuthorChoice license. You’ll be making your research fully Open Access, and have the opportunity to add on a CC-BY license if necessary. We’ll even help you pick the right license to suit your needs.

If you’ve already published your research in an ACS journal but didn’t make it open at the time, don’t despair. There’s a quick and easy process for retroactively acquiring an ACS AuthorChoice license for your research.

Need to publish in a fully Open Access journal — but need to do it fast? Look to ACS Omega, ACS Publications’ newest fully Open Access journal, which publishes findings in chemistry from around the globe without any perceived evaluation of immediate impact. ACS Omega authors regularly make the news and ACS offers a variety of country discount codes. ACS works to make sure ACS Omega is an affordable Open Access publishing option for researchers from all over the world.

How to Find Open Access Chemistry Research

Keeping up with the latest research in your field is an absolute must and ACS Publications has you covered there. ACS has a variety of free-to-read options for getting your hands on the newest chemistry research.

For starters, try signing up for ACS Editors’ Choice e-Alerts. Every day the Editors of ACS journals make one recent, high-impact, relevant article open to readers as a public service. By signing up for e-Alerts, you’re getting some of the best research ACS journals have to offer, absolutely free-to-read.

You can also check out ACS Central Science, a 100% free-to-read and free-to-publish multidisciplinary journal that addresses essential advances in fundamental areas of chemistry, as well as applied and interdisciplinary research highlighting the seminal role of chemistry in a wide range of other scientific disciplines.

Finally, all ACS journals can be searched for Open Access chemistry research, including both ACS AuthorChoice and ACS Editors’ Choice papers, using the advanced tab on the search bar.

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