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Get 9 of the Latest Essential Collections of Chemistry Research

ACS Publications regularly produces Virtual Collections of the most important research topics in chemistry research, including Special Issues and ACS Selects from across the portfolio journals. These collections reflect topics of current scientific interest and are designed for experienced investigators and educators alike.

Browse All Virtual Collections from Q3 of 2018.


JACS Young Investigators Virtual Issue

This collection of Articles and Communications highlights premier research in diverse topical areas from around the world that is of broad interest to the contemporary readership of the Journal of the American Chemical Society. These carefully selected publications were chosen by the appropriate, knowledgeable JACS Editors on the basis of reviewer input and editorial evaluation.


In Honor of Professor Markku Leskelä

This virtual issue celebrates Professor Markku Leskelä (University of Helsinki, Finland) and his decades-long career in the field of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). Prof. Leskelä has been the most productive ALD researcher through the history of ALD, and in 2004 he was nominated as an ISI Highly Cited Author in the field of materials science. He directed the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Atomic Layer Deposition (2012-2017) and received the American Vacuum Society ALD Innovation award in 2012.

The papers selected for this virtual issue in honor of Prof. Markku Leskelä are in two sections: one half authored by him and his coworkers, and the other half of the papers were collected by inviting researchers active in ALD chemistry to nominate a paper of their own where they feel they have been influenced by Prof. Leskelä’s work. Some of Leskelä’s papers are old enough to have gained a great number of citations, some others are very recent that we believe will gain similar attention in the coming years. Besides his ALD publications, a small selection on luminescent materials and organometallic catalysts are included to give some flavor of Prof. Leskelä’s research interests and productivity outside ALD.


Chemistry’s Impact on the Global Economy

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research is pleased to publish this virtual special issue of nineteen recent research articles invited from authors who made outstanding presentations at the 254th ACS National Meeting in Washington D.C. The theme of the ACS National Meeting was “Chemistry’s Impact on the Global Economy”. The compilation contains new catalytic orpolymeric materials, macromolecular chemistry with bio-focused applications, and others have a connection to energy production, utilization, and storage. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research is delighted to showcase these 19 articles and feature these authors. The invited speakers from ACS Washington D.C. are indicated below by their name in bold.


Otilia Mo and Manuel Yanez Festshrift

This Virtual Special Issue of The Journal of Physical Chemistry A pays tribute to two outstanding figures of theoretical gas-phase chemistry, Manuel Yáñez and Otilia Mó, on the occasion of their 70th birthdays.

In Memory of John Casida

This collection serves as a memorial to John Casida, an extraordinary scientist and toxicologist. The collection contains select papers published in the Chemical Research in Toxicology by Casida and his coworkers from 1990 to 2017, although his work spanned nearly 70 years. These publications include Casida’s significant research on organophosphate, methylcarbamate, pyrethroid, and ryanodine insecticides, and the toxicological mechanisms through which pesticides and environmental contaminants may cause harm to mammals through enzyme inhibition or blocking calcium ion channel.

An accompanying Editorial written by Daniel Nomura describes Casida’s impact on the biochemistry and toxicology communities, puts a spotlight on Casida’s passion and curiosity, and shares words of fondness from his coworkers and mentees.


Women in Nanotechnology

Growing numbers of exciting nanoscience and nanotechnology projects led by women scientists are increasing our knowledge of fundamental physical, chemical, and biological properties of materials and applying these advances across science, engineering, and medicine. In this virtual issue, ACS Nano highlights the work of research groups led by women investigators worldwide in a celebration of their contributions to excellent science.


Festschrift in Honor of István T. Horváth

This virtual issue of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering marks the journal’s second Festschrift since it was founded in 2013. The Festschrift brings together a cross spectrum of leading authors in sustainable chemistry who seek to honor Professor István T. Horváth, a pioneer in this discipline, on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Some of the prominent themes include catalysis (selective oxidations, processing of lignins or models thereof, clays), flow chemistry, fluorous and fluorine chemistry, CO2, formic acid, carbonate chemistry, liquid organic hydrogen carriers, and analyses of biorenewables. A retrospective of Prof. Horváth’s many contributions is described in the Editorial article.


I&EC Research2018 Class of Influential Researchers

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research is pleased to announce its 2018 Class of Influential Researchers. Our global team of editors and editorial advisory board members identified this class of influential, early career (less than ten years or so in their independent research career) researchers on the basis of the quality and impact of their research. This Virtual Special Issue comprises both reviews and original research articles invited from this talented group of early career scientists and engineers. Collectively, the papers report important new contributions across the broad landscape of research in chemical engineering and applied chemistry. I&EC Research is delighted to showcase these 29 papers and feature these authors. The Influential Researchers are indicated below by their name in bold.


Physical Chemistry in South Korea

This virtual collection of papers and the associated editorial highlights the research and publications by scientists from South Korea that has appeared in The Journal of Physical Chemistry (JPC), including JPC A, B, C and, Letters. The editorial includes information about the history of papers from South Korea, list of institutions where the publications come from, and a list of the top published individuals in South Korea along with their top cited paper from the 2013-2018 time period.


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