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Read the First Issue of ACS Applied Polymer Materials for Free

You can now read the first issue of ACS Applied Polymer Materials, a new journal that publishes research into polymers and their applications. ACS Applied Polymer Materials is the most recent addition to the ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces portfolio, alongside journals for those specializing in Bio Materials, Energy Materials, Nano Materials, and Electronic Materials.

“Polymers play an essential role in a broad variety of applications, such as energy, health, and commodity plastics,” writes Deputy Editor Professor Jodie Lutkenhaus in an editorial in the journal’s first issue. “The ultimate goal of ACS Applied Polymer Materials is to create a vibrant community of authors, reviewers, and readers.”

The new journal is particularly interested in research that addresses relationships among structure, processing, morphology, chemistry, properties, and function, as well as work that provide insights into mechanisms critical to the performance of the polymer for applications. Some important topics for the journal include polymer applications in energy storage and conversion, separations, membranes, adhesives, functional coatings, sensing, adaptive and reconfigurable materials, electronics, photonics, biomaterials, and nanocomposites. The journal also considers novel approaches to the synthesis of new and existing polymers that are designed for specific applications.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Editor-in-Chief Kirk S. Schanze oversees the journal as part of the portfolio, but Professor Jodie Lutkenhaus of Texas A&M University will lead its editorial direction. Professor Lutkenhaus has served on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Macromolecules, ACS Macro Letters, and ACS Applied Nano Materials, and is the author of more than 80 journal articles. Her research focuses on topics such as redox active polymers, polyelectrolytes, polymer nanocomposites, energy storage.

The editorial team also includes a group of Associate Editors: Professor Bryan Vogt of The University of Akron, Professor Kanyi Pu of Nanyang Technological University, and Professor Hongzheng Chen of Zhejiang University. Like all ACS Publications journals, this new team will offer authors a high level of support, combined with high-quality reviews and quick turnaround times.

Read the first issue of ACS Applied Polymer Materials for free and learn how to submit your research.

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