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3 Reasons to Share Your Science with ChemRxiv

Before your research can have an impact on the scientific community, it needs an audience. You need to share your work quickly if you’re going to stay ahead of your field and get the word out about your latest discovery. The scientific community’s approach to sharing information is evolving. Are you ready to take advantage of the newest way to help your research make an impact?

ChemRxiv offers chemists a service that scientists in other disciplines have enjoyed for years: a reputable home for preprints of original chemistry research. More than 1,000 preprints have been shared through ChemRxiv since the site launched in 2017, with many of those going on to be published in top journals, such as ACS Central Science, Angewandte Chemie, Chemical Science, Nature, and Science.

Want to learn how you can take advantage of this trend in scientific communication? Here are three big benefits of sharing your work through ChemRxiv.

Move quickly: When a preprint is sent to ChemRxiv, it is checked for plagiarism, abuse, and scientific completeness. Because preprints are not peer-reviewed, ChemRxiv can get your research online in just 1 to 2 business days.

Make it discoverable: ChemRxiv preprints are issued unique digital object identifiers and are indexed by Crossref, CAS, and Google Scholar. After your research is published in a journal, ChemRxiv adds a link on the preprint page that directs readers to the final published version of record at the official journal site. Additionally, the citations made to the preprint will be counted toward the final journal article, so you don’t lose any credit for your research.

Make submission simple: ChemRxiv is just the start of the journey for your research. The site now has a feature called Direct Journal Transfer that makes it easy to send your preprint to a journal and see your paper published in a peer-reviewed journal. You can select a preprint from your ChemRxiv profile and forward it on to a journal for review and possible publication in just two clicks, saving you the trouble of starting a submission from scratch. The feature currently enables direct submission to journals published by ACS, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the German Chemical Society, including ChemPubSoc Europe journals, with more journals to be added in 2019.

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