Learn the Basics of Peer Review With Videos From ACS Reviewer Lab

Learn the Basics of Peer Review With These Videos from ACS Reviewer Lab

The peer review process is critical to scientific advancement. But becoming a great reviewer is no easy task. Learning what makes a great review — and what makes a great reviewer — takes practice and quality instruction. Watch these videos to learn the basics of peer review, then visit ACS Reviewer Lab to learn more.

Learn the Basics of Peer Review

Get an overview of the peer review process, including key players, basic steps, and types of review.

Factors to Consider Before Reviewing a Paper

The peer review process involves responsibility and care, and preparing to review a paper is just as important as writing the final review. Beyond the quality of the research in the paper, you will also need to familiarize yourself with the journal’s scope and the expectations for the type of paper you’re reviewing (e.g., a research note or a full-length review).

Why Write a Good Review

Learn the many benefits of peer review and the many reasons to write a thoughtful and thorough review.

Recognizing Potential Bias in Peer Review

Familiarize yourself with potential sources of bias in peer review so you can write a fair evaluation.

After You Learn the Basics of Peer Review, Sign Up for ACS Reviewer Lab

ACS Reviewer Lab features six interactive modules covering the basics of peer review and publishing ethics, as well as practical guidance on how to write an informative, high-caliber referee report. Comprehensive guides prepare users for a final assessment, for which they are rewarded with a certificate of completion upon achieving a passing score.

Successful completion of the course indicates to ACS Editors that a researcher has invested their time in this peer-review instruction and has acquired an understanding of the essential skills needed to be a thorough and well-informed volunteer peer reviewer.

Learn More About ACS Reviewer Lab

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