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ACS Editors Share Their Favorite Advice

Behind every great scientist is a mentor who helped point them in the right direction and gave them sage advice. ACS Publications Editors are no different. Each of them received insights early in their careers that stuck with them and helped make them the successful chemists they are today. In this video, ACS Publications Editors share the best professional advice they’ve received over the years, covering topics as diverse as their approaches to research, dealing with competition, and staying plugged into the scientific community.

ACS Editors Share Their Favorite Advice

The ASC Publications Editors featured in the video are (in order of appearance): Professor Shana Sturla, Editor-in-Chief of Chemical Research in Toxicology; Professor Patrick Sexton, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science; Professor Cynthia J. Burrows Editor-in-Chief of Accounts of Chemical Research; ProfessorLuis Liz-Marzán, Associate Editor of ACS Nano; Professor Kai Rossen Editor-in-Chief of Organic Process Research & Development.

Share the best professional advice you’ve ever received in the comments.

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