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What Elements are Most Central to ACS Editors’ Careers?

Elements make up everything around us, so it’s no surprise that specific elements had major impacts on the careers of some of the most notable chemists working today. It might be an element that is particularly interesting to work with or one that simply turns up frequently in a chosen field. Either way, many chemists find themselves drawn to working with the same element over and over again throughout their careers, giving them unique insights into its properties and potential.

But every chemist is different — and sometimes a chemist’s “central” element changed as their career evolves. What element has influenced your career the most?

Watch ACS Editors share their picks for the element that had the most impact on their careers:

The ACS Publications Editors featured in the video are (in order of appearance): Professor Erick M. Carreira, Editor-in-Chief of Organic Letters, Professor Prashant V. Kamat, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Energy Letters, Professor J. Justin Gooding, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Sensors, and Professor Shana Sturla, Editor-in-Chief of Chemical Research in Toxicology.

The American Chemical Society is joining with The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT). All year long, ACS Publications is sharing stories about the periodic table and leading a discussion about the elements and their role in our lives, including videos like these.

Do you agree with their choices? Share your selections for the most challenging element in the comments below. And for more IYPT fun, check out ACS Editors’ picks for their favorite elements, the most challenging element to work with, and the most significant elements of the next 150 years.

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