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Play Now: Organic Letters’ Chemical Pursuits Trivia

If you follow Organic Letters on Twitter, you know there’s been a lot of buzz around the Chemical Pursuits Trivia Tournament. For those wondering what it is and how to take part, we’ll outline everything you need to know here!

Organic LettersChemical Pursuits is a month-long trivia tournament from July 15-August 16. Throughout the tournament, weekly rounds will open from Monday at 10 am – Friday at 10 am EDT.  The two participants with the highest scores at the end of the tournament will win an Amazon Echo.

Each quiz has five, multiple-choice questions, each of which has a 15 second time limit.

  • Round 1: Concluded July 19th
  • Round 2: Play at any time from until now July 26th at 10 am EDT
  • Round 3: Live July 29th at 10 am EDT
  • Round 4: Live August 5th at 10 am EDT
  • Round 5: Live August 12th at 10 am EDT

Follow Organic Letters on Twitter for weekly round links and winner announcements!

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