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CAS Future Leaders Blaze a Trail Toward Scientific Leadership

Celebrating its 10th year, the CAS Future Leaders Program awards early-career scientists with essential scientific, business, and leadership training, and a trip to the ACS National Meeting & Exposition. This year participants took part in programming related to five leadership themes.


Great narratives can generate interest and engagement with a topic, improve comprehension, and influence real-world beliefs. Participants learned the essential leadership skill of storytelling and presented their research stories in a poster session attended by a diverse group of scientists, technologists, marketers, and administrators who work for CAS and ACS Publications.


Successful leaders are results oriented. Whether they need to deliver published manuscripts, funded grants, or completed projects, having deep insights into the research process can help them succeed at every step. Participants explored the process by which research is published, indexed, and delivered to scientists around the world, and went behind the scenes to see how SciFindern. can help them quickly find actionable results and deliver on their next big research project.


Collaboration is essential to scientific progress. Successful leaders inspire the best performance from their collaborators, research teams, and others by using several coaching techniques, such as building trust, clarifying their vision, and respectfully challenging and celebrating success. During an interactive workshop, participants learned science-based coaching strategies to help them lead highperforming teams and productive collaborations.


Scientists must drive understanding of their research not only in the published literature but also among science-policy makers, the media, industry stakeholders, and funding organizations. Successful leaders adapt their communication style for their audience and have a broad understanding of the scientific enterprise as a whole. An array of science-industry thought leaders shared their perspectives to inspire participants to make meaningful impacts in the lab and beyond.


Research matters. Whether it leads to innovation in health care or technology, or supports a greener Earth, it’s important that leaders recognize the impacts of their research and strive for real-world solutions. Participants visited with physicians, researchers, and
cancer survivors at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James, one of only 50 NCI designated comprehensive cancer centers in the nation.

Are you a Ph.D. student or postdoctoral researcher who would like to blaze a trail toward scientific leadership? Learn more at

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