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Register for a Free National Nanotechnology Day Webinar

ACS Publications will join the worldwide scientific community in celebrating this year’s National Nanotechnology Day. This annual initiative, launched in 2016, raises awareness of the prominent role nanoscience plays in our daily lives, as well as the current limitations and promising, foreseeable applications for the future.

As has become a tradition, ACS Publications will be hosting a free National Nanotechnology Day webinar. This year, the webinar will highlight the many applications and varieties of nanomaterials that are currently being researched around the globe. A panel of world-renowned experts will describe some of the latest developments in biomedical applications, synthesis, and additive manufacturing of nanomaterials. They will also discuss the current state of the ever-expanding field of nanoscience and give insight into the challenges that lie ahead.

Speakers include:

  • Nikhil Jana, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science in Kolkata, discussing “Colloidal Nanoparticles: Controlling Surface Chemistry for Biomedical Application”
  • Julia Greer, California Institute of Technology, discussing “Materials by Design: Resilience and Multifunctionality through Nano-Architecting”
  • Younan Xia, Georgia Institute of Technology, discussing “Moving Towards Predictable Synthesis of Nanomaterials”

Attendees will also get the opportunities to ask questions of the panel.

Get more information and register for this informative webinar (even if you can’t attend it live!)

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