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ACS on Campus Visits the University of Malaya and Petronas Scientific Lectures

The American Chemical Society’s premier outreach program, ACS on Campus, headed to the University of Malaya on October 3, 2019, for the launch of ACS University of Malaya’s International Student Chapter. ACS on Campus also paid a visit to the scientific lectures at Petronas Research on October 4, 2019.

It was an honor to have Professor Noorsaadah Abd Rahman, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation at the University of Malaya, officially open the event with her welcome speech. Also in attendance was Professor Sharifuddin Md Zain, Head of the Department Chemistry, who hosted and brought the program to the University of Malaya.

A group of students assembled at University of Malaya.

Dr. Zakaria presented a token of appreciation to Professor Noorsaadah, witnessed by Professor Sharifuddin.

“It was awesome to be a group of eager students wanting to be in the chemistry-related fields. The chemistry between various groups, such as librarians, researchers, top management of UM, young researchers, and students, was incredible. I found it interesting and I was amazed by the many kinds of ideas and contributions from Petronas and other researchers. The method of sharing new research findings via open lecture and poster sessions is worth emulating in many other meetings or programs. Keep up the good work! I hope to see ACS more often at the University of Malaya’s campus.” Dr. Khasiah Zakaria, Chief Librarian, Central Library, University of Malaya.

Dr. Khasiah Zakaria discusses library services

“ACS on Campus University of Malaya achieved more than its collective objectives. The event succeeded in closing the gap between the industry and academia by promoting a better understanding of the industry’s needs and aspirations. Petronas Research was grateful to be given a chance to listen and respond to the queries made on how we manage innovation and opportunities that arise from our activities in the realm of technology.” Dr. Azlan Shah Hussain, Principal Scientist (Process Technology), Petronas Research.

Dr. Azlan delivers a scientific lecture.

“It is really my great pleasure to share some of my experiences in academic research and paper publishing with the next generation of scientists. Students from University of Malaya, University of Science Malaysia, and others enjoyed and learned a lot about scholarly publishing from the event. What impresses me is that the students are full of enthusiasm and desire to learn. I believe that some of them will become active authors and reviewers of ACS in the near future.”Professor Xu Minghou, Associate Editor of the ACS Publications journal Energy & Fuels.

Professor Xu Minghou
Dr. Xu Minghou receives a-token of appreciation from Dr. Vannajan.

Professor Habibah Wahab, the first Malaysian ACS Associate Editor for the Journal of Chemical Information & Modeling, shared her experiences in a session called “Peer Review: Why, How to, and What Not to Do.” She also shared her academic journey during the career panel talk and served as one of the student poster judges too.

Professor Habibah.
Professor Habibah and Dr. Rozie

“This is the first time the ACS on Campus was jointly organized by the ACS Publications and ACS UM International Student Chapter in Malaysia. It was indeed a well-planned ACS on Campus event, which was held at University of Malaya. The invited speakers from both academia and industry have made the sharing light, interesting, and enjoyable. Thanks to Professor Minghou Xu and Professor Habibah Wahab for their guidance and advice on ACS journals publication. I hope there will be more ACS on Campus events in other regions of Malaysia in the future!” Dr. Hooi-Ling Lee, Chair of ACS Malaysia Chapter.

Dr. Lee Hooi Ling and Dr. Azlan.

Dr. Azlan.

“A great event at the doorstep of the University of Malaya, packed with so much knowledge and great speakers, offering a unique balance of academic research, career development, publishing, science communication, networking, and industrial application. We have received an overwhelming response from various participants locally.  In short, ACS on Campus offers a compact source of inspiration and motivation.”Associate Professor Dr. Vannajan Lee, Department of Chemistry, University of Malaya.

Dr. Vannajan Lee & Dr. Rozie officially launch the UM International Student Chapter.

 “The poster presentation was the highlight of the event. It facilitated communication of research findings between students and event attendees. Students were able to receive constructive feedback from other researchers. It provided an opportunity for them to adopt a different perspective on the analysis of their research data. Everything turned perfectly on the day of the event. People from different research backgrounds gathered under one roof to connect with others and initiate collaboration.  ACS on Campus University of Malaya was one of the best-attended events for many!” Piravin Raj Barthasarathy, Best Poster Award Winner.

Best Poster Award Winners.

The sessions were interactive as the speakers had many questions from the students. Overall, the organizing committee was very enthusiastic about the event. A lot of promotion within the campus, outside the campus, social media was done by the ACS Malaysia Chapter and UM International Student Chapter. We looped the involvement of CAS to recruit Young Scientist in UM. This was definitely made possible with the involvement of a huge committee. A big thanks for everyone who supported and participated in ACS on Campus University of Malaya!

Pamela Oon highlights CAS Young Scientist.
Speakers and working committee members.
Supporters from UM Central Library.
Access Dunia team & UM International Student Chapter

The next day we continued the Petronas scientific lectures, hosted by the Petronas Resource Centre. Both Professor Xu Minghou and Dr. Vannajan Lee delivered their lectures to an audience of specialized researchers from Petronas Research.

Petronas Scientific Lectures on Oct. 4, 2019
Petronas Scientific Lectures on Oct. 4, 2019

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