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Call for Papers: Special Issue “In Memory of Maurizio Botta: His Vision of Medicinal Chemistry”

In early August, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters suffered the loss ofAssociate Editor Maurizio Botta, who had been a member of the journal’s Editorial Board since 2012. To honor his contributions to medicinal chemistry, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters is currently seeking submissions for a memorial issue, guest-edited by Lorenzo Botta and Mattia Mori, titled “In Memory of Maurizio Botta: His Vision of Medicinal Chemistry” that will be published in early 2020.

Submit your manuscript before the deadline of November 30, 2019.

Maurizio’s expansive scientific career relied heavily on the interplay of his expertise in synthetic chemistry and his expansive knowledge of computational modeling. His interests in these areas are reflected in all of his drug discovery studies, as well as in the unique perspective he provided as a proactive Editorial Advisory Board member for the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. In his lifetime, Maurizio authored over 400 publications, and many of these appeared in various ACS journals. Earlier this year, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters published “Highlighting Medicinal Chemistry in Italy,” a special issue he organized as Guest Editor to showcase the medicinal chemistry research efforts in his home country.

The Maurizio Botta memorial issue will build on Maurizio’s legacy by featuring contributions that align with his philosophy of medicinal chemistry. Specifically, the aim is to outline the state of current research in medicinal chemistry and related fields by welcoming manuscripts from scientists worldwide whose work has been influenced by Professor Botta, either from a scientific or human standpoint. This Special Issue will be especially suitable for multidisciplinary groups who work at the interface of computational chemistry, synthesis, and biology. Of particular interest are manuscripts focusing on the identification of new hit/lead compounds derived from natural products or obtained through organic synthesis that were prepared and evaluated as potential therapies for treating cancer or infectious diseases. The guest editors are also hoping to see manuscripts reporting on antibody drug conjugates and/or dual inhibitors developed in order to increase the efficacy of the potential drug candidate.

For more details about this special memorial issue, please see the Call for Papers Editorial and submit your manuscripts before the November 30thdeadline. Please send any questions to:


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