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Discover an Easier Way to Submit ChemRxiv Research to Peer-Reviewed Journals

Direct Journal Transfer is a free feature of ChemRxiv that helps authors submit their posted preprints from ChemRxiv to established journals for editorial consideration and peer review. This feature, which is available on the ChemRxiv website, currently enables direct submission to journals published by the American Chemical Society (ACS), the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and the German Chemical Society (GDCh), including ChemPubSoc Europe (CPSE) journals.

Coming soon, Direct Journal Transfer from ChemRxiv will be available for the journals of the Chinese Chemical Society and the Chemical Society of Japan.

From within ChemRxiv, authors can select a preprint from their online profile and then forward the file(s) to a journal for review and possible publication. Upon that transfer, the respective journal will contact authors for any additional details required to progress the submission through peer review.

Share you research at ChemRxiv and discover Direct Journal Transfer today at

If you are with a publisher and interested in participating in ChemRxiv’s Direct Journal Transfer feature, please contact Dr. Marshall R. Brennan, Publishing Manager, ChemRxiv, at

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