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Have You Discovered the True Value of ACS eBooks?

As the world’s largest scientific society, ACS Publications is home to some of chemistry’s most-cited research. For many science professionals working in chemistry-related disciplines, ACS Publications journals are the go-to resource for the latest data, insight, and reviews. But did you know that ACS also offers an extensive collection of peer-reviewed eBooks that shine a light on a wealth of topics relating to technical disciplines, public policy, and chemistry education?

ACS Symposium Series: Illuminating topics in chemistry

The ACS Symposium Series is a collection of peer-reviewed eBooks that fully illuminate topics in more detail than a journal article can typically offer. Available on the same user-friendly platform as ACS journals, these eBook titles are backed by substantial original research, and each chapter is written by authors who are experts in their field. Research-intensive Symposium Series chapters are as in-depth and comprehensive as a journal article, and a single such chapter may be backed up by more than 80 references.

Researchers can turn to ACS eBooks to find original research that provides a more in-depth look into topics spanning the full spectrum of chemical science. Indeed, the ACS Symposium Series includes titles on subjects as diverse as pharmaceutical development, polymer chemistry, quantum mechanics, food science, targeted drug delivery, nanotechnology, and hydraulic fracturing. The first chapter of every eBook is free to read—so why not browse the collection next time you need a clear and concise overview of a topic you’re interested in?

The Symposium Series also includes a wealth of titles on aspects of public policy, ranging from the influence of science communication on the development of health policy to perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing women in chemistry. The ACS eBook Global Consensus on Climate Change: Paris Agreement and the Path Beyond, for example, brings together a collection of concise and recent analyses of climate change impacts, current international agreements, and views on the road ahead and is an invaluable source of information for those looking to get up to speed on this important issue.

Technology Integration in Chemistry Education and Research (TICER) Editors: Tanya Gupta1 and Robert E. Belford2 Volume 1318
Technology Integration in Chemistry Education and Research (TICER)
Editors: Tanya Gupta and Robert E. Belford
Volume 1318

Invaluable resources for chemistry teachers and educators

As well as providing an authoritative overview of a broad range of technical topics, the ACS Symposium Series is also an excellent resource for educators looking to keep abreast of the latest teaching methods in chemistry.

One topic that has been the focus of particular attention in the teaching community is the idea of ”flipping classrooms”, where the traditional model of classroom-taught lessons and homework is replaced by the use of explanatory video lectures designed to be watched at home, freeing up time for more engaging learning activities in class. The ACS Symposium Series includes a number of titles that evaluate the impact of this approach on student outlook and attainment, as well as how these methods can be adopted by chemistry educators.

Interested in the latest trends and best practice for teaching organic chemistry? Read this chapter on how active learning can be used to develop students’ skills and improve learning outcomes.

Educators interested in how digital technology can supplement traditional teaching methods may wish to read the eBook Technology Integration in Chemistry Education and Research (TICER), which considers how tools such as virtual and augmented reality can improve engagement and learning outcomes. Other chapters consider how the use of electronic lab notebooks in the teaching laboratory can be used to advance digital literacy and better equip students with the skills they may need in the workplace.

Pesticides in Surface Water: Monitoring, Modeling, Risk Assessment, and Management Editors: Kean S. Goh1, Jay Gan2, Dirk F. Young3, and Yuzhou Luo4 Volume 1308
Pesticides in Surface Water: Monitoring, Modeling, Risk Assessment, and Management
Editors: Kean S. Goh, Jay Gan, Dirk F. Young, and Yuzhou Luo
Volume 1308

Career insight for students, new graduates, and professionals

The ACS Symposium Series also offers a range of titles that take an in-depth look at the current chemistry careers landscape authored by distinguished individuals in their respective profession. Students who are unsure about which career path to follow may find it helpful to read the eBook What You Need for the First Job, Besides the Ph.D. in Chemistry, which considers the skills and attributes that will help them excel in their chosen career within academia, government, or the private sector. Other eBooks consider entrepreneurship, workplace diversity achieving the right work–life balance, and the impact of globalization on the workforce.

ACS eBooks are designed to help learners in all areas of chemistry-related fields access the knowledge they need to achieve their goals, from student and teacher to researcher and policymaker. The collection is always growing, including the new InFocus series of eBooks. Look for more news on this brand new series coming soon! In the meantime, with tens of thousands of eBook chapters already available to access, browse the collection to start learning about a topic you’re interested in.

Sex, Smoke, and Spirits: The Role of Chemistry Editors: Brian Guthrie1, Jonathan D. Beauchamp2, Andrea Buettner34, Stephen Toth5, and Michael C. Qian6 Volume 1321
Sex, Smoke, and Spirits: The Role of Chemistry
Editors: Brian Guthrie, Jonathan D. Beauchamp, Andrea Buettner, Stephen Toth, and Michael C. Qian
Volume 1321

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