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Highlights from BCEIA

The 2019 Beijing Conference & Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA), held October 23-26 at the Beijing National Convention Center, was organized by the China Association for Instrumental Analysis.  This biennial conference has run for more than 30 years and attracts exhibitors and participants from across the globe. It plays an important role in developing new technology and instruments related to analytical chemistry.

Analytical Chemistry has sponsored the meeting since 2013. This year, the journal participated in the event by hosting a Meet-the-Editor Event and by sponsoring poster awards.

The Meet-the Editor event, held October 25th at 1:00 PM, was hosted by Analytical Chemistry’s Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Sweedler, Executive Editor, Xinrong Zhang, and Associate Editor X. Chris Le. Several hundred people gathered to hear the editors speak about publishing and reviewing in the journal. During the hour-long Q&A portion, the editors even offered to answer questions in Chinese!

In addition to the Meet-the-Editor event, Analytical Chemistry provided sponsorship for all 30 poster prize recipients. The journal congratulates the poster awardees for their excellent science and poster presentations. This year’s recipients were:

  • Atomistic Mechanism Of Stress-induced Combined Slip And Diffusion In Sub 5nm sized Ag Nanowires, Shiduo Sun
  • Fabrication Of Zno Nano-shuttles By Etching Zno Nanowires In Radiolytic Water, Mei Sun
  • Multidimendional Microscopic Investigations Of Oxidation-induced Hollow Cavities In A Co-Al-W-Ti-Ta Alloy Nanotip By Electron Tomography, Chunhui Wang
  • Ultra-high Photocatalytic Rate Of Single-Metal-Atom Oxide, Cong Wang
  • High Coverage Pseudo Targeted Steriod Profiling For Comprehensive Assessment Of Steroid Hormone Metabolism In Esophageal Carcinoma, Manjiangcuo Wang
  • Next Generation Paternò-Büchi Reagents For Lipid Analysis By Mass Spectrometry, Jing Zhao
  • Ultrasensitive Detection Of Thrombin Using Maldi-tof Mass Spectrometry, Zengnan Wu
  • Tracing The Process Of Visible-Light-Mediated Direct C−H Arylation Of Heteroarenes Using Online Mass Spectrometry, Wanpeng Ai
  • Selective Targeting Of The Zinc Finger Domain Of Hiv Nucleocapsid Protein Ncp7 With Ruthenium Complexes, Zhuanghao Hou
  • Direct Elemental Analysis Of Solids By Buffer-Gas-Assisted Laser Ionization Orthogonal Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry, Zhouyi Xu
  • Natural Amino Acids-responsive Supramolecular Fluorescent Sensor Arrays Constructed Based On Host-guest System, Yuxiao Mei
  • In Situ Monitoring Of Fluid Shear Stress Enhanced Adherence Of Bacteria To Cancer Cells On Microfluidic Chip, Wanling Zhang
  • Point-Of-Care Rapid Visualization Of Anthraxbiomarker Using Eu3+-Functionalized Carbon Nanodot Probe, He Zhou
  • Single Particle Tracking Reveals Self-Organization Processes And Functions Formation Of Colony Boundaries, Sheldong Wen
  • In Situ Analysis Of Protein Conformations And Interactions Via Oil-In-Polymer Nanoparticles Delivering Cross-Linker Into Cells, Yuwan Chen
  • D-2-Allylglycine Embedded Imidazolium-Bridged Hybrid Monolithic Column For High-Efficiency Hplc Separation, Rui Chen
  • Novel SSNMR-based Methodology Towards Rna Structure Study, Sha Zhao
  • In-Situ Monitoring Reaction Process At The Electrode-electeolyte Interface By Pore-confined Liquid Tof-sims, Hailun Xia
  • Imaging Cell-matrix Adhesions And Collective Migration Of Living Cells By Electrochemiluminescenece Microscopy, Hao Ding
  • A New Genotoxic Substance Evaluation Method By Liquid Chromatography-mass Spectrometry Regarding Endogenous DNA Damage Biomarkers, Kexin Li
  • Proteomics Links Ubiquitin Chain Topology Change To Transcription Factor Activation, Yanchang Li
  • Inkjet Printing Based Droplet Generation For Integrated Online Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction, Weifei Zhang
  • Rapid Quantification Of Specific Pathogenic Strain And Total Bacteria In Eggs By Nano-flow Cytometry, Chengfeng Xue
  • Artificial Evolution Of High-affinity And N6-Methyl Adenine Identification Proteins, Liu Yan
  • Fluorescence Assay For Aflatoxin B1 Using Fluorescein-labeled Aptamer And Black Hole Quencher1-labeled Complementary DNA, Yapiao Li
  • Preparation Of Halloysite-Encapsulated Magnetic Microsphere For Elemental Mercury Removal From Coal-Fired Flue Gas, Xuelei Duan
  • Potential Reference Measurement Procedure—Crp In Serum Was Determined By Idms After Enzyme Digestion, Wen Zhu
  • Absolute Quantification Of Visinin-Like Protein 1 By Species-Specific Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry, Mengyun Pan
  • Impurities Identification And Quantification For Calcitonin Salmon By Liquid Chromatography-high Resolution Mass Spectrometry, Peize Wu
  • In Situ Analysis Of Aβ Protein On Brain Slices, Xue Gao

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