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ACS Publications Upgrades the Journal Article PDF

In January 2020, ACS Publications is introducing enhancements to the PDF version of ACS journal articles. Check out this demo of the new features of our PDF articles and read on to find out more:

Why is ACS changing the PDF?

To reflect the ways researchers interact with articles (both online and in print), ACS Publications is making some enhancements to the PDF version of our articles. This redesign will introduce several new features.

How does the new PDF compare with the old one?

The new PDF will have a very similar layout to the current one but will have better access to the online features of the article. The new PDFs adjust the location of article metadata to make the abstract easier to find and now include links to online components of the article like metrics and recommendations.

When will this change take place?

This change will take place on January 2, 2020. Any accepted manuscript within the Paragon Plus system, as well as any manuscript submitted after that date, will be published in the new format.

What are the new features of the new PDF?

The new PDF will feature direct linking from the PDF to valuable article information on the website. This includes links to citation and article metrics, as well as recommended/related articles, and supporting information. Author names will link to a publication record. Figures will have a link to the high-resolution version of each graphic. Issue covers will be displayed, including supplemental covers (for relevant articles). If the article is part of a special issue, there will be a link to the issue page.

Will this change affect previously published article PDFs?

No, this will only be for new articles.

How does this change affect the submissions process?

This change will not affect the submission process.


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