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Celebrate Women in Chemistry with ACS Publications Today!

Today, February 11, marks the 5th Annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly – as organized by the United Nations and the Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT). This commemorative day brings together stakeholders, including high-level government officials, representatives of international organizations, foundations, the private sector, and civil society, as well as female scientific experts and girls in science advocates from around the world.

ACS Publications is committed to celebrating diversity in the chemical sciences. From our editors and authors, to early-career researchers and industrial chemists, we recognize the broad impact women in science have on chemistry and the related sciences.

Today, we invite you to tweet @ACSPublications using the hashtag #WomenInScience and tell us about a woman in science who has made a difference in your career!

Remember to also nominate female chemists for C&EN BrandLab and Pfizer’s Women’s History Month celebration.

Finally, read the many Editorials, Virtual Issues, Special Issues and more research collections from ACS Publications, committed to celebrating #WomenInScience year-round.

Focus on International Day of Women and Girls in Science 

10 Inventions You Can Attribute to Female Chemists

Celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science and National Inventor’s Day at the same time.


ACS Editors Share Advice for Women Beginning Careers in Science

We asked our female Editors-in-Chief of ACS journals: “What advice would you give to women just beginning their careers in science?”


ACS Editors Explore the Power of Female Mentorship in Chemistry

Through a series of interviews, we take a closer look at the important role women scientists can play in mentoring the next generation.


More Interviews with Women in Science

JCIM Celebrates Women in Computational Chemistry

To shine a light on the role female researchers and educators plan in chemistry education and research, the list below highlights articles published in the Journal of Chemical Education.


Keeping Protein Structure Analysis in the Family

The Perspective, “From Quantum Chemistry to Networks in Biology: A Graph Spectral Approach to Protein Structure Analyses” was authored by Professor Saraswathi Vishveshwara, her daughter Professor Smitha Vishveshwara, and Saraswathi’s former Ph.D. advisee Dr. Vasundhara Gadiyaram – whom she calls an “academic daughter.” It provides an examination of graph spectral analysis of protein structures going back to its early days, while also looking at the field’s future and potential applications, including improving our understanding of the biological functions of diseases such as HIV. But it could never have come together without the diverse interests of three women, and the bonds they share.


International Women Scientists: A Conversation with Chemists from Asia

Worldwide, women scientists are underrepresented in their fields. The next generation of young girls and women will be more likely to pursue a career in an area like chemistry if they see women scientists in these roles. Five established chemists from Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and India shared their perspective on what it’s like for women scientists in their countries.

Virtual Issues and Collections Celebrating Women in Science

Women in Organic Chemistry

Women Scientists at the Forefront of Energy Research: A Virtual Issue Part 1

Women Scientists at the Forefront of Energy Research: A Virtual Issue, Part 2

Journal of Chemical Education: Celebrating Women Researchers and Educators

Synthetic Chemistry Addressing Challenges in Energy and the Environment

Women in Bioconjugate Chemistry: Celebrating Women Scientists

The Queen of Carbon Science: Celebrating the Life and Career of Mildred S. Dresselhaus

Special Issues 

Several ACS journals have published special issues celebrating female scientists in their respective fields. Read the below, and consider submitting your research for these forthcoming 2020 issues.

Special Issue in Honor of Drs. Rachel Mata and Barbara Timmermann Editorial Journal of Natural Products

Forthcoming Special Issues Open for Submission:

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters Women in Medicinal Chemistry Special Issue

OPR&D Women in Process Chemistry Special Issue 

Editorials, C&EN articles and more

Gender Diversity in Process Chemistry   

Better Science by Beating Back Bias

Making invisible work in STEM more visible

The struggle to keep women in academia

Embracing the glorious diversity of ACS

Bonding in Chemistry: Surprising Results from an Ordinary Glovebox

Mentoring Twitter Chat with Alanna Schepartz and Carolyn Bertozzi

#InvisibleWorkSTEM Twitter Chat with Laura Kiessling, Jen Heemstra and Malika Jeffries-EL 

JACS Timeline

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