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ACS Publications Signs Agreement with ORCID to Recognize ACS Reviewers

Reviewers of ACS Publications journal articles can now receive public acknowledgment of their work, thanks to a new collaboration with ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID). Reviewers will be able to get credit through their ORCID profile, without revealing which article they’ve reviewed. This change will be especially helpful to young scientists looking to establish their credentials and it will allow all reviewers to present a more complete record of their contributions to science.

Reviewers are essential to scientific publishing. Their work helps both authors and editors, improving manuscripts and making recommendations about acceptance to journal editors. Without them, ACS Publications journals could not maintain their high editorial standards. Yet their contributions are often overlooked since reviewers must work anonymously to ensure that they can evaluate a manuscript impartially. Under this new deal, reviewers will receive the recognition they deserve, while preserving their anonymity.

ORCID is an open registry that assigns a unique identifier to every researcher, eliminating the confusion caused by researchers who happen to have the same name and increasing transparency in the publications process. ORCID makes it easier for readers to find a specific author while also making it easier for authors— and now reviewers— to get the credit they deserve. ORCID launched in 2012 and ACS signed the ORCID Open Letter in 2016, committing to requiring ORCID IDs for authors in all ACS Publications journals.

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