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Meet The Journal of Organic Chemistry’s 2020 Outstanding Article of the Year Award Recipient

Co-sponsored by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry and The Journal of Organic Chemistry, this annual award recognizes authors of an outstanding article published in the journal in the previous calendar year. The article is selected based on its creativity and impact in the field.

This year’s recipient, Professor David Nagib from The Ohio State University, is being recognized for his team’s paper, “Development of an Imine Chaperone for Selective C–H Functionalization of Alcohols via Radical Relay.”  

Learn more about Professor Nagib by reading the highlights from our interview below.

What does this award mean to you?

What an incredible honor! I am so excited for my co-authors’ efforts to be celebrated in this fantastic way, and I am thrilled to accept it as their biggest cheerleader.

What prompted you and your team to write this paper?

My first class of Ph.D. students was graduating, and before they moved on to their dream jobs in pharma, I really wanted to share the complete origin story of our program on HAT-mediated, remote C-H functionalizations – both to celebrate their accomplishments and also to help guide future newcomers to this field.

Ironically, this was also the most fun paper to writesince it brought back so many great memories of former colleagues and the early days of our young lab. Also, it combined so many failures, redesigns, and discoveries that I never even imagined when we started this line of research five years ago.”

What will you be working on next?

Our favorite, ongoing challenges are laid out right in the intro and first figure of this paper. There is still a lot to discover in the dual areas of (1) interrupting the century-old HLF reaction to develop new, previously impossible remote C-H functionalizations, and (2) devising catalytic versions of these and other radical chaperones. We, and talented researchers around the world, are actively engaged in trying to solve these exciting problems to extend the many cool applications of selective, radical C-H functionalizations.

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