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Announcing ACS Evidence-Based Acquisition for eBooks

ACS Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) empowers libraries to take control of book acquisition while eliminating the guesswork. With a commitment to purchase a minimum number of peer-reviewed ACS eBooks, ACS will provide you with full access to evaluate the entire collection of nearly 1,600 books for up to one year. After your evaluation term, ACS will assist you in reviewing usage or other data to select the books you wish to own in perpetuity, which will be available to unlimited simultaneous users with unlimited usage.

Here’s How It Works

The minimum purchase commitment required to participate in ACS EBA ranges depends roughly on your college or university’s research intensity, making cost-effective purchase options available to any size school. The greater the number of books you commit to, the lower the cost per book. ACS will provide you a quotation for your desired commitment level (quantity of books) and initiate your evaluation term upon acceptance. There is no additional fee to use and evaluate our entire collection of ACS Symposium Series and Advances in Chemistry Series books.

After your evaluation term, ACS will provide you with a usage report. You’ll have up to three months to decide which books you’d like to own. If no selection is made, the purchase will default to the most-used books.

Upgrade at Any Time

Should you find that demand for ACS eBooks is greater than anticipated or you have additional funds to invest, just let ACS know before the end of your selection term. There is no penalty to increase your commitment level to take advantage of a lower per-book cost.

Get Started

To learn more about EBA, or any of the ACS eBooks options, visit this page to get in touch and a member of the ACS Publications team will contact you to answer any questions.

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