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Present Beyond the Meeting with SciMeetings from ACS

Scientific conferences present researchers with a paradox. On the one hand, they’re great places to network and share your work. On the other hand, events limit your audience to the people attending that conference. Once the conference is over, your presentation practically vanishes. The American Chemical Society is looking to change that with the introduction of SciMeetings.

SciMeetings is a platform for showcasing scientific presentations and posters, created by ACS in partnership with the proven technology of Morressier. SciMeetings allows you to create a citable digital record of your work and share it with a global digital audience through a searchable, indexed, free-to-access portal from the most trusted name in chemical sciences.

This service is intended to provide a timely option for presenters and conference organizers of meetings postponed, delayed or canceled, such as the ACS Spring 2020 National Meeting & Expo, that was to be held in Philadelphia, PA. ACS is adopting SciMeetings for the more than 14,000 posters and talks that were scheduled for this event.

Here’s what you get when you share your work via SciMeetings:

  • Citability: Your abstract, poster, or presentation will become part of the scientific record when it’s assigned its own unique digital object identifier (DOI). This means your work can be cited by others, even before you’ve published it in a journal. The DOI also serves as a legal marker for future patents and trademarks, so your work won’t be scooped by the competition.
  • Searchability: Your work will be indexed and searchable through the ACS Publications platform, which attracts more than 150 million downloads per year. Now you won’t have to rely on your social network to get your research noticed.
  • Shareability: The research will be free-to-read for everyone around the world, under a CCBY-NCND license. That means your work will be compliant with Plan S funder mandates, and you’ll reach an even bigger audience. Your next employer, funder, or collaborator could learn about your work through SciMeetings.

Plus, you’ll be able to:

  • Track how many times your work is viewed, downloaded, or bookmarked
  • Tag your research with related keywords to enhance discoverability
  • Access work remotely, across a range of display settings for viewing online or during an in-person presentation
  • Include features you couldn’t incorporate into a traditional poster, such as animations, video and audio clips
  • Set up an author page with your bio, photo, and ORCID ID
  • Share seamlessly through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • Host virtual poster session Q&As once the feature is implemented in May/June of 2020

SciMeetings is now available for content submission to those whose posters or presentations were accepted for dissemination at the ACS Spring National Meeting in Philadelphia.

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