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Now Open for Submissions: ACS ES&T Engineering and ACS ES&T Water

We are pleased to announce that ACS ES&T Engineering and ACS ES&T Water are now open for submissions. Part of the Environmental Science & Technology family of environmental journals, the launch of these two journals reflects that environmental science and technology is a fast-growing area of scientific research, focusing on some of society’s most important grand challenges and affecting our daily lives.

ACS ES&T Engineering

Led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Wonyong Choi, ACS ES&T Engineering will publish high-impact research and review/perspective articles in all areas of environmental technology and engineering through a highly rigorous peer-review process.

It is a specialist journal that aims to serve as an international forum for research and innovation around materials-, technologies-, processes-, data analytics- and engineering systems that: manage, protect and remediate air, water and soil quality; treat wastes; recover resources; support effective decision-making within complex engineered systems; and are informed by mechanistic science and analytics that describe complex environmental engineering systems.

Learn more about ACS ES&T Engineering.

ACS ES&T Water

Led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Shane A. Snyder, ACS ES&T Water is a high-quality specialist journal dedicated to water research and policy. This international, multidisciplinary journal publishes novel, high-impact, peer-reviewed research on all aspects of water quality, chemistry, treatment, protection, and sustainable use/reuse and supply.

The journal considers both marine and freshwater environments as well as water utilized for industrial and municipal applications. ACS ES&T Water’s multidisciplinary research focus also welcomes other water-related research fields. Manuscripts describing public policy and the underlying science utilized for decision making are also encouraged.

Learn more about ACS ES&T Water.


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