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ACS Brings Its Open Science Resources All in One Place

ACS is committed to supporting the global research community by offering you the tools you need to help you participate in open science. As part of ACS’s pledge to advance open science, ACS Publications has launched a new resource center ( to support researchers, librarians, and other participants in this emerging movement.

Over the past several years, ACS Publications has committed to the open science movement by launching two fully open access journals, ACS Central Science and ACS Omega, with a third, JACS Au, set to launch later this year. At the same time, ACS Publications is making it easier for researchers to publish open through new Read + Publish Agreements. ACS has also led the way in other aspects of open science, including spearheading ChemRxiv, the preprint server for chemistry, and most recently through the launch of the ACS Research Data Center.

“Open science is a positive development for the dissemination of research to the global community,” says ACS Publications President Dr. James Milne. “The goal is to increase the transparency, accessibility, and replicability of research, which are all ambitions ACS fully supports.”

ACS Publications authors, readers, and librarians will find a host of new and improved features on, including:

  • Step-by-step guides. Whether you’re trying to meet a funder mandate or want to make your research available to a wider audience, the site includes everything you need to know to make open access publishing easier.
  • Tools to help share your research. Learn how to share primary research data through the ACS Research Data Center.
  • Up-to-date information on institutions with ACS Read + Publish Agreements. These agreements bundle the cost of publishing open access research with the institution’s subscription costs, allowing affiliated corresponding authors to publish open access in any ACS Publications journal at no additional cost. You can search the site to see if you are eligible for support from your institution.

Through this new open science resource center, ACS aims to speed the transition to an open science future among its global community of researchers.

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