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Seeking a New Leader for ACS Catalysis

Announcing the search for next editor-in-chief of ACS Catalysis

Nomination Deadline: October 1, 2020

Selecting an ACS Publications journal’s editor-in-chief has typically been “a highly confidential process,” wrote Professor Nicole Sampson in her July 28, 2020, ACS Axial post “Selecting a New Editor-in-Chief: Search Committee Insight.” The process opened up considerably this year when the search committee for Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) and JACS Au, chaired by Professor Sampson, invited nominations and self-nominations from across the global chemistry community.

The process Professor Sampson detailed in her ACS Axial post concluded with ACS Catalysis Editor-in-Chief Christopher W. Jones announced as the inaugural editor-in-chief of JACS Au on July 31. Professor Jones is the inaugural editor-in-chief of ACS Catalysis and led it to be the field’s top journal, with a 12.390 Journal Impact Factor™ in 2019.

As Professor Jones begins his work with JACS Au, Professor T. Brent Gunnoe is serving as ACS Catalysis‘ interim editor-in-chief. The search committee for the next ACS Catalysis EIC has been convened and is conducting its search in accordance with ACS Bylaws. This committee is following the JACS and JACS Au search committee’s approach and inviting nominations from the community to help build a broad, diverse candidate pool.

The ACS Catalysis search committee seeks input from the global community of catalysis researchers and welcomes nominations, including self-nominations, of qualified candidates to include in its consideration process.

To Make a Nomination: Please complete the form below and upload a SINGLE PDF FILE containing the nominee’s CV with a complete publication list.

If you want to nominate more than one person, you will need to complete the form separately for each person.


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