Chemistry Jobs: What Can ACS Do For Your Chemistry Career?

What Can ACS Do for Your Chemistry Career?

What can the American Chemical Society do for your chemistry career? Whether you’re looking for your first chemistry job, or looking to publish the research that will one day win you the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, ACS has programs and services that can help you reach the next stage of your career in chemistry.

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Read on to learn more about about what ACS is and how it can help you advance your chemistry career.

What is the ACS?

ACS is one of the world’s largest member-based scientific organizations, with more than 150,000 members in 140 countries. We are dedicated to advancing the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people, and we do this in several ways.

We publish chemistry’s most trusted, most cited, and most read peer-reviewed journals.

We help our members advance their careers through education, career services, community development, and engaging events so that chemists can thrive.

We advocate for the chemistry community, focusing on four key areas: innovation through research & technology, science education and the workforce, sustainability and the environment, and science in public policy.

What is ACS Axial?

ACS Axial is a resource for learning about what is happening with the American Chemical Society and for finding resources to advance your career. Sign up for the newsletter to stay connected to all the latest developments.

How Can Learn About ACS Publications Lectureships?

ACS Publications journals honor chemists with various lectureships each year, with awards available in every major discipline of chemistry.

How Do I Find Other ACS Grants, Scholarships, and Awards?

The ACS Scholars program awards more than $1,000,000 in scholarships each year, in addition to many other grants and awards for every level of the chemistry community.

What if I Need Help Writing a Paper?

Consult the ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication for up-to-date guidance on writing, formatting, and promoting scientific articles. If you need additional help, consult with ACS Authoring Services.

How Do I Learn More About Submitting to ASC Publications Journals?

The ACS Publishing Center has information on author guidelines, data and figure requirements, and other policies for every ACS Publications journal. You can also learn about various author resources to help you write the best possible paper.

What Continuing Education Resources Does ACS Have?

The ACS Institute is a robust online platform for learning about new areas of chemistry, lab safety, leadership, professional development, scientific communication, technical skills, and volunteer development, as well as the ACS Reviewer Lab.

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