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Special Issue Call for Papers: Chemical Glycobiology

ACS Chemical Biology is seeking submissions for a special virtual issue on “Chemical Glycobiology,” which will publish in May 2021. Given current circumstances, there is flexibility regarding the submission date. Laura Kiessling will serve as co-editor for this special issue, in collaboration with Mia Huang as a guest co-editor. Recent progress in chemistry- and chemical biology-driven methods are driving advances in glycoscience. We are seeking submissions that represent the most exciting innovations and discoveries in this area.

Contributions in the area of chemical methods to generate biologically-relevant carbohydrates, new methods in glycomics or glycoproteomics, new techniques to study carbohydrate structure, approaches to analyze, or inhibit glycan-protein interactions, tools to image glycans or understand their cellular functions all are are welcomed. Submissions relating to the application of chemical biology tools to interrogate the functions of glycans in microbiology, immunology, vascular biology are additionally welcomed.

Questions and associated pre-submission inquiries can be sent to ed-office@chembio.acs.org. Manuscripts can be submitted for consideration by choosing “chemical glycobiology” from the special issue dropdown menu in Paragon Plus during the submission process to ACS Chemical Biology.

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