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2020 JOCSynopses & Perspectives

The Journal of Organic Chemistry is pleased to present its 2020 JOCSynopses and Perspectives: articles on exciting and emerging trends at the forefront of organic chemistry that provide unique insights.


JOCSynopses are brief focused reviews of current topics of interest to organic chemists written by active researchers that include work from their own laboratories.

Most Read JOCSynopses:

JOC Perspectives

JOC Perspectives are personal overviews of specialized research areas by acknowledged experts.

Most Read JOC Perspectives:

We appreciate everyone who contributed to the journal, amidst everything else going on this year!

If you are interested in submitting a JOCSynposes or JOCPerspective, please email Managing Editor, Steve Ritter at s_ritter@acs.org. Please note that JOCSynopses and Perspectives are invited by the Editor-in-Chief, but voluntary submissions of JOCSynopses will be considered and screened before a formal review.

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