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Call for Authors: Robots in Chemistry

ACS In Focus is a new series of brief, dynamic e-books designed to bring new graduate students up to speed on topics they need to know in their research. As well, these works are designed to introduce topics to scientists interested in bringing additional, and often, multidisciplinary perspectives into their research questions. The series is off to a great start and covers a broad range of topics. The first title, Machine Learning in Chemistry, by Heather Kulik & Jon Paul Janet, published in May 2020 and has had over 25,000 visitors to the product page in June 2020.

Robots in chemistry is a topic of great interest to ACS readers. The ACS In Focus editors are seeking an author or author team to author the foundations around this topic, keeping the work to approximately 35,000 words which translates into a four to six-hour read. Many of our authors select co-authors from their research team, including grad students, post-docs, or former students and colleagues. With this work, you have the opportunity to reach an even wider audience of scientists and introduce them to this flourishing area of research.  

If you are interested in authoring, please contact

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