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Improvements Coming to ACS Direct Correct

ACS Publications is excited to announce a new improvement for our authors. Beginning in December, our authors will be able to use ACS Direct Correct to make final edits to their manuscripts! Under this new and improved system, authors will have an improved experience as they submit in-line corrections and edit tables and equations before final publication.
Some of our authors will already be familiar with ACS Direct Correct, as an initial version of the tool launched in 2017.

Over the past several months, several significant upgrades have been made to expand its functionality. In the new and improved version, authors can make edits to tables and table structure, make edits to lists, view and comment on higher resolution equations, and more. Previous features of ACS Direct Correct are still in place, and the tool continues to make the publication process quicker and easier.

After a proof is composed, authors have the option of whether to use ACS Direct Correct to make final edits to their articles or whether to make their edits in a separate document. ACS Direct Correct is free to all authors who choose to use it. This tool is the latest advancement that ACS has made to improve our authors’ experience. We will continue to innovate new ways to make the publishing experience easier and more efficient.

The improvements to ACS Direct Correct were made in response to users’ feedback. ACS encourages authors to continue to provide feedback on how ACS Direct Correct can better support them so that continual improvements can be made to the tool. Have you used ACS Direct Correct? Tell us about your experience by emailing

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