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Submit Now to a Joint Virtual Special Issue on Process Safety

In an effort to support and highlight the outstanding work related to process safety, the ACS journals ACS Chemical Health & Safety, Organic Process Research & Development, and the Elsevier journal, Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, will publish a joint virtual special issue (VSI) titled “Process Safety from Bench to Pilot to Plant.” This unique collaboration between Elsevier and ACS Publications aims to highlight work that merges natural, social, management, and engineering sciences.

The journals welcome papers on topics such as:

  • Safety research and information that informs chemical safety knowledge, testing protocols, and standards
  • Effective chemical hygiene practices, equipment, and procedure design, and qualitative or quantitative risk assessment tools
  • Research that addresses human and organizational factors as well as technical engineering controls
  • Classical organic process safety studies to evaluate the parameters needed to scale-up organic chemistry such as in preparation for application in multi-purpose pilot and commercial facilities
  • Consequences of fire, explosion, and toxic release in the process industries
  • Use of bench-scale and pilot-plant data for process safety assurance in industrial plant

The full scope and audience of each journal can be found online. Briefly, ACS Chemical Health & Safety (ACS CHAS) publishes on current and emerging technical, human, and organizational factors affecting chemical risk management, safety information, regulatory updates, effective chemical hygiene practices, safety training, and hazard assessment tools. Organic Process Research & Development (OPR&D) publishes on industrial process chemistry to enable safe, environmentally benign, and ultimately economical manufacturing of organic compounds in larger amounts. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries (JLPPI) publishes on technical, human, and organizational process safety measures to prevent and mitigate process-related injuries and damage arising from fire, explosion, and toxic release during the use, storage, manufacture, handling, and transportation of hazardous materials.

Please submit directly to the appropriate journal. Manuscripts will be processed on a rolling basis to go through peer review. Upon acceptance, each manuscript is published in a regular issue in the individual journals. Once all papers have been accepted, they will be collected onto a single webpage for additional exposure to each author’s work as a virtual special issue (VSI).

The guest editors are as follows:

We hope you will be able to contribute to what promises to be a very stimulating and valuable virtual special issue!

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