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Communication Tools to Increase the Visibility of Your Research

Promoting your research is an essential part of the publication process. You have worked hard to get your research published, dedicating many hours conducting and writing up your work. Now is the time to ensure your work is read and understood by your peers and a wider audience.

How can you ensure your research is seen by your fellow researchers? How can you make a public audience understand your research message? ACS Authoring Services’ new suite of promotional communications tools can help you to achieve this. Our video, infographic, and lay summary production services help to capture and convey the main message of your article, making it easier to share your research and amplify your impact.

These services have been developed to help you disseminate your research message further than before and are ideal for helping you promote your work effectively on social media, blogs, at conferences, virtual events, and through your professional network.

Videos – Communicate your research through engaging multimedia, making it more accessible to a broad audience.
Infographics – Provide a compelling visual snapshot of the key findings from your work.
Lay Summaries – Capture the main points of your work so you can easily communicate your research findings to a public audience.

Producing great research is the first step in creating new, important scientific knowledge. Now take the next step to ensure your work is widely seen, understood, and used by a broad range of academic and non-academic audiences. Learn more about the new promotional research communications tools now offered by ACS Authoring Services.

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