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Announcing the Crystal Growth & Design Webinar Series

Earlier this year, Crystal Growth & Design released the first six webinars in its monthly series that focused on new and emerging topics across the journal by thought leaders in the field. Today, we are pleased to announce six, upcoming webinars in the series. As a reminder, all webinars in the series are free to attend, regardless of ACS membership:

Upcoming Webinars:

Adventures in Polymorphland: The Small, the Fast and the Tricky

Thursday, July 15 at 9:00am EDT / 2:00pm BST

Dr. Aurora Cruz-Cabeza, The University of Manchester


Electroactive Coordination Frameworks: from design to functional application

Thursday, August 26 at 6pm AEST, 9am BST / 4am EDT

Dr. Deanna D’Alessandro, University of Sydney


Spin State Switching in Dynamic Molecular Crystals

Monday, September 27, 2021 at 9:00am EDT / 2:00pm BST

Dr. Sanjit Konar, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research


Beyond the Chemical Cemetery: The Rise of the Dynamic Crystals

Wednesday, October 20 at 9:00am EDT / 2:00pm BST

Professor Panče Naumov, New York University Abu Dhabi


Exploring the Complex Structural Landscape and Potential Applications of Rare-Earth Metal–Organic Frameworks

Tuesday, November 16 at 9:00am EST / 2:00pm GMT

Dr. Ashlee Howarth, Concordia University


Metal-Organic Framework Architectures with Ultrafast Dynamics at 2 K and Scintillating Properties

Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 9:00am EST / 2:00pm GMT

Professor Angiolina Comotti, University of Milan

Recently Concluded Webinars:

Cages, Coordination Polymers, and Other Crystalline Assemblies with Host-Ligands

Michaele Hardie, University of Leeds

January 7 | 9:00am ET


Why Don’t We Find More Polymorphs?

Sally Price, University College London

February 25 | 9:00am ET


Engineering Crystal Structures and Chemical Bonds: Strategies in Designing High-Performance Luminescent Materials for Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies

Jing Li, Rutgers University

March 22 | 9:00am ET


Molecular Organization: A Journey Through Complex Structures

Neil Champness, University of Birmingham

March 26 | 9:00am ET


Dissolution, Supersaturation, and Crystallization in Environments Mimicking the Gut

Lynne Taylor, Purdue University

April 28 | 9:00am ET


Metal-Organic Frameworks: High Up in the Sky, Deep in the Ground

Tomislav Friščić, McGill University

June 23 | 9:00am ET

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