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Accounts of Chemical Research Announces the 2021 First Accounts

Early career scientists have some of the freshest ideas and are instrumental in pushing the frontiers of chemistry and related disciplines. Recognizing this, Accounts of Chemical Research is excited to present the second annual First Accounts Virtual Issue.

This year’s Virtual Issue follows in the steps of the 2020 Issue by highlighting the publications in Accounts of Chemical Research over the past year that are authored by early-stage scientists. In addition, each Account in this collection is the first article the corresponding author has published in the journal as a principal investigator.

About Accounts of Chemical Research

Accounts of Chemical Research is known for publishing highly read and cited accounts that tell the story of a research project from conception to conclusion. They are like “seminars-in-print,” which analyze the state of the art, provide the motivation behind and significance of the goals, and lay out the framework of the experimental design. They also summarize the results from earlier key papers from the authors’ own labs and critically assess how the research has moved the field forward in relation to other work in the field. More often than not, they are written by established researchers with long histories of publishing high-quality research.

Congratulations to all of the authors whose work has been included in this year’s First Accounts Virtual Issue!

Read the 2021 First Accounts Virtual Issue

Read the 2020 First Accounts Virtual Issue

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