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Celebrating Women in the Pharmaceutical Sciences

A diverse and international cohort of scientists are involved in pharmaceutical science research and Molecular Pharmaceutics is pleased to be a forum for dissemination for these researchers. In this Virtual Issue, we feature the many contributions made by women pharmaceutical scientists by highlighting key papers published in the past two years in our journal. The selection of articles have been made by our Editors and they provide a cross section of the many challenging research areas being tackled by women in the pharmaceutical sciences. We sat down with a few of the Associate Editors to discuss the importance of the issue, check it out below:

Christel Bergstrom

Professor in Molecular Pharmaceutics and Deputy Dean of Collaboration (Medicine and Pharmacy) at Uppsala University; Director The Swedish Drug Delivery Center; Associate Editor of Molecular Pharmaceutics

Why is this virtual issue important to the community?

Visibility of leading female researchers is important to foster next generation of women in science, to show role models and to fully acknowledge the great contribution of women to science. We are currently writing our own history and that writing has to be fair and correct, showing the diversity of people contributing to research and those who have shaped where we currently stand scientifically

Who is a woman (past or present) you admire in the field and why?

I have many and that is great! It is amazing to be around so many fantastic, warm and intelligent women that can influence myself as a researcher and make me a better one! The best part is that they come from all corners of the world, they have different expertise and have faced different hurdles; their stories, solutions and competence have been shaping me as a researcher. So I thank the female scientific community rather than one single person!

 Afsaneh Lavasanifar

Professor of Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science at University of Alberta

Why is this virtual issue important to the community?

Because it highlights the great contribution of women in the field of Pharmaceutics and advancements in Pharmaceutical technology, which is a male dominated area. It is very important to emphasize the role of women scientists in this field especially because of its prospects in commercialization and impact on the pharmaceutical industry.

Who is a woman (past or present) you admire in the field and why?

I admire Dr. Terry Allen Thereas M Allen, who has been a pioneer and entrepreneur in the field of nanomedicine. and of course a fellow from University of Alberta. Many studies she has completed, protocols developed and observations she made on Doxil formulation, and other liposomal are still a gold standard in the field of nanomedicine.

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