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4 Ways ACS Publications Is Supporting Authors in 2021

At ACS Publications, we aim to give our authors the best publishing experience and to support you at every stage of your research journey, whether that’s at the writing, submission, or promotion stage. We have lots of resources to help our researchers; here are just four of the ways we’re helping our authors in 2021:

  1. Looking to perfect your authorship skills? ACS Author Lab is our new online training course that helps researchers master the preparation and publication of scientific manuscripts. This course has been developed by ACS Editors and ACS Publications staff to help authors identify key considerations for each step of publishing a manuscript, including selecting the most appropriate journal and highlighting the significance of the research.
  2. Learn publishing from the inside out with the ACS Author University video series. Our ACS editor community shares insight, advice, and tips in a series of videos designed to help researchers navigate the publishing world. Topics include open access publishing, peer review, writing your scientific article, handling rejection, communicating your research to the public, and much more!
  3. At ACS Authoring Services, we believe that great research is global; that’s why we launched a new set of promotional resources to help you disseminate your research message further and amplify your impact. Our video, infographic, and lay summary production services help to capture and convey the main message of your article, making it easier to share your research beyond the lab and bench. These services are ideal for helping you promote your work effectively on social media and blogs, at conferences and virtual events, and through your professional network.
  4. We have simplified our Journal Publishing Agreement process to make it easier than ever to publish your research. Our Journal Publishing Agreement assistant guides you through the process with a series of questions to help determine the most appropriate agreement for your manuscript. What’s more, the range of Journal Publishing Agreements has been expanded to make copyright options clearer and help our authors meet funder requirements. All authors who publish open access in any ACS journal, either in our hybrid or completely open-access journals, can now retain copyright on their article and receive a Creative Commons CC-BY or CC-BY-NC-ND license.

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